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Stabilize your patio with mudjacking

Save time and money with resurfacing

Quick and easy patio repairs

An uneven patio makes it hard to use, is unattractive, and decreases the value of your home. With mudjacking, your patio is quickly and efficiently restored to its original condition with a minimally invasive process. Your patio will be completed the same day you receive service.

Patio issues that will be addressed

An uneven surface in your patio can lead to runoff being directed right at the foundation of your home. With our services, water will flow in the opposite direction, preventing settling toward the house and standing water in your basement. Best of all, the process does not damage the lawn or landscaping around your patio.

Mudjacking services:

• Runoff redirection

• Settling toward house

• Water in the basement

• Uneven patio walkways

 Sidewalk raising


• Concrete repair

• Much more!

Before you spend a lot of money to completely replace your patio, take a look at the stunning before and after photos of our amazing services in the gallery. Also, take the time to read customer testimonials to see what our customers are saying about us!


Our process is 1/2 the cost of replacement!

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Beautify your patio

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